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Automatic 8-nozzle liquid detergent servo piston filling machine with labor cap feeding platform

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Adopting piston type filling driven by servo motor, with high filling precision and flexible filling scope, it's suitable for auto bottle packaging of various liquid, viscous liquid, gle, cream & paste filling, like bottle filling of cosmetic liquid, liquid cleaner, cream, gel, syrup, oral liquid, oil, fruit jam, pharmaceutical liquid, disinfectant, pesticide etc;.






1. Adopting servo piston to do measuring, suitable for both liquids, gel & cream, with high filling precision & filling efficiency; plus servo filling nozzle system, it's especially good for some foamy products accurate filling.

2. Filling volume can be adjusted directly via touch screen.

3. With humanized design, piston cylinders are quick-joint connected, easy to dismantle, wash & maintain.

4. Linear bottle-enter-exit, it is easy & quick to adjust whole system to meet different bottles production.

5. PLC control system & touch screen operation panel; no filling without bottles; auto counting, one-button washing, with high degree of automation.

6. Auto liquid processing mixing equipemnt & auto capping labeling packaging line equipment are available, welcome to inquire for one-stop service and purchase. 





Model BNAPF-8
Filling scope 100-1000ml
Filling nozzle 8-喷嘴(可以是4-喷嘴、6-喷嘴、10-喷嘴等)
Capping choose 高速封盖机 4500 BPH(可搭配多功能封盖机 2500 BPH)
Capacity 2500-3500BPH
Filling error ≤ ±1%
Voltage 220V 50/60HZ 3KW
Air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa


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