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fully-automatic strip monodose tube filling sealing machine

This soft tube filling sealing machine adopts piston filling & ultrasonic sealing, the best sealing effect makes it perfect for all of plastics compound soft tube and plastics soft tubes filling packaging, widely used in the fields of toothpaste, cosmetics, medicine etc. Adopting labor tube inserting, it's very economical and simple to use. Auto tube feeding & acrylic hood is available.

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This fully-automatic monodose strip tube filling and sealing machine is especailly made and widely used for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical 5 in 1 plastic tube filling and sealing packaging etc. It only needs labor to add strip tubes into stip slot, it can automatically finish the tube feeding, filling, ultrasonic sealing, tail trimming, and tube exiting etc,  it's very stable and simple to use. Different tube filling sealing machine models r available, welcome to inquire.






1. Adopting ultrasonic generator sealing tubes, no warm up time, no distortion,  it has incomparable perfect sealing effect.

2. Adopting ceramic/peristaltic pump filling, with high filling accuracy, no pollution, durable and stable, easy to clean & maintain; 

3. Mainly made of top-quality stainless steel, all parts contacting material are SUS304 or SUS316 based on product features.





Working process Auto tube placing into molds → liquid filling  → ultrasonic Sealing → Pressing date or product number → tail  trimming→tube exiting
Filling scope  0.5-10ml (customized)
Filling sealing head 

5-head liquid ceramic pump filling + ultrasonic sealing

Filling error  ±0.05g 
Air Supply 0.6 - 0.8 Mpa
Power 220V 50/60Hz 1P 3KW
Suitable tube PP, PE tubes etc
Sealing way Ultrasonic generator sealing, tight & delicate sealing, best sealing effect is the best
Filling volume 0.5-10ml (customized)
Capacity 15-20 strings/min
Dimension (L*W*H) L1300*W1300*H1900mm
Gross weight 500KG


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