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semi-automatic vacuum capping machine for glass jar/bottle

Our semi-automatic universal glass bottle capping machine  is suitable for screwing various threaded flat caps, various plastic caps, metal caps, galvanized lids etc,  easy to adjust and with great adaptability, widely used for automatic caps closing of various bottles and jars. 

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Our semi-automatic bottle vacuum capping machine  is suitable for vacuuming and screwing various glass bottles & galss jars,  easy to adjust and with great adaptability, widely used for automatic caps closing of various food  & beverage bottle prododuction.  Different models of capping machines are available, pls feel free to contact. 






1. Adopting mechnical and electrical cap vacuuming and screwing,  it  ensures perfect vacuuming degree, no pollution of products at all, it's an ideal vacuuming cap closing for various food & beverage products.   

2. With humanied design &  easy to change for different sizes. 

3. Mainly made of top-quality SUS304, delicate & durable. 

4. Different types of capping machines are professionally available, like servo capping machine, rotary capping machine and linear capping machine, ROPP crimping machine & can seaming machine  etc, welcome to inquire and visit us. 





Model                                           BNAC-SV1                                                             BNAC-SV1/4                                           
Suitable cap size diam 27-82mm(customized)
Capping way  1-station vacuum cap-screwing 4-station vacuum cap-screwing
Capacity  8-15BPM 15-20BPM
Voltage & power  220V 50/60Hz 0.75KW  220V 50/60Hz 1KW 
Air pressure  0.5~0.7MPa  0.5~0.7MPa 
Dimension      43401500mm



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