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Linear high-speed bottle capper with auto cap-feeding

Linear design makes it suitable for various threaded caps & bottles with good adaptability, widely used for screwing jar cap, plastic threaded caps, metal caps, in industries like food, beverages, cosmetics, chemicals, etc. 

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This linear bottle capper is suitable for auto cap-screwing of various bottles, cans and glass/plastic jars, widely used forvarious threaded caps, spray pump caps, and metal caps etc. The humanized and linear design makes it easy to adjust for different sizes with good adaptability, greatly welcome in industries like food, beverages, cosmetics, chemicals, etc. 









1.The clamping belts & capping height can be easily adjusted by handwheels, and different bottle changeover can be done well in several mins without tools, easy to operate & maintenance.
2. Capping loose & tight adjustable very easily via capping motor controlled by inverters, easy to handle & stable. 
3. With inverter to control machine conveying speed, easy to adjust & link to filling line. 
4. Mainly made of SUS304 including frame & body; continuous working & highly automation ensuring highly efficiency.







Model BNAC-6 
Cap-unscrambling  Cap-lifting type (cap-vibrating bowl) 
Capacity  2500-4000BPH 
Power  220V 50/60Hz 2200W 
Bottle height  50-300mm 
Outside size  L2000*W1200*H1850mm 
Gross weight  500kg 

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