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customized spices powder bottle filling line with film overwrapping

This automatic bottle powder filling sealing capping machine with bottle filling line is suitable for various powder bottle or jar filling packaging, specifically including powder bottle washing, filling, film sealing, capping, labeling & date printing etc,  widely used for various powder packaging production, like talcum powder, spice powder filling, nutrient powder filling, drinks powder filling, pesticide powder, pharmaceutical powder & chemical powder etc.

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This automatic customized spices powder bottle filling line with film wrapping is suitable for various plastic powder bottle or jar filling packaging. It consisits of auto bottle unscrambler, bottle feeder, bottle filling capping & film overwrapping machine etc. Baoneng Machinery professionally customizes various powder filling packaging production, like various salt powder, spices powder filling, nutrient powder filling, food powder filling, pharmaceutical powder & chemical powder etc.






1. Designed with servo conveying monoblock with bottle molds, it can successively finish auto bottle feeding, powder filling & capping, bottle exiting, with accurate bottle positioning, it runs very stably & reliably.                                                                                                                    2.Adopting servo auger to do powder measuring and filling, it's suitable for various powder filling, with high filling precision & production efficiency. Filling hoppers & nozzles are quick-released, easy to maintain, suitable for food, pharmaceutical & cosmetic powder filling. 

3. With vibrating bowl to unscramble caps, manipulator to do cap feeding & pneumatic pressing

3. With PLC & touch screen to control, formula saving, auto counting function, no bottle, no filling; frequency converter, with high automation.

4. Connecting with auto film overwrapping machine, it can auto finish bottle film overwrapping & shrinking packaging, auto & efficient. 

5. Electrical & pneumatic parts adopts the world-famous brands, like Delta, Airtac & Schneider; it has the incomparable advantages of low failure rate, stable and durable

6. Mainly made of top-quality stainless steel 304, easy to maintain, delicate& durable.




Filling scope 50-100g (customized 0.5-10g; 10-50g; 100-1000g)
Speed 25-35BPM (customized)
line Electric consumption 5.5kw; 380V 50/60Hz 
Suitable bottle Alien unstable Plastic bottles 
filling way   servo auger filling (weighing type filling, or volumetric cup filling is optional)
Working pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa
Vacuum feeding Pneumatic vacuum powder or samll granules feeding (auger powder feeding is optional)
Filling capping size  L2500mm*W1450mm*H2200mm




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