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liquid yogurt cream margarine cup pail filling capping machine

Our automatic linear bottle sauce filling machine, adopt servo piston filling, is suitable for various yogurt, chili sauce, garlic sauce, mushroom sauce, fruit jam, ketchup bottle filling volumetric filling; with humanized design, it's pleasant to use & easy to maintain.

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Our linear liquid yogurt cream margarine cup pail filling capping machine is suitable for various cups, pails and boxes auto liquid cream filling, sealign & capping production, widely used for liquid yogurt cup filling, margarine cup filling, butter box filling, pail liquid filling etc. With humanized and sanitary design, it's pleasant to use & easy to maintain. Guangzhou Baoneng Machinery focuses on various liquid/paste/cream filling machine and relative bottle filling packaging line equipment manufacturing.






1. The servo piston filling machine (or weighing type filling) is suitable for various liquid, paste & cream with or without graules inside, with large adaptability, fast speed filling & high filling precision.

2. Hot filling with mixing & CIP washing system can be equipped based on products & needs.

3. Material contacting parts mainly adopts quick-jointed connection, easy to dismantale, wash & maintain.

4. With PLC & touch screen system, with humanized design, it's easy to operate & maintain.

5. No bottle, no filling; auto counting, one button washing, inverter speed controlling, breakdown self-detecting etc, with high automation & easy to link to filling line.

6. Made of top quality material and main parts are from famous brands, delicate, durable & reliable.

7.Auto film sealing and capping can be equipped based on process. Baoneng Machinery focus on various cup filling machine, bottle filling machine, liquid/cream filling machine and relative filling line equipment.  Welcome to inquire & visit our factory in Guangzhou China. Professionally customized machines based on your needs---




Model         BNAFC-L1                              BNAFC-L4                        
Working model  1-lane cup running                    4-lane cup running 
Filling dosage           1000-5000ml (can be dual-time filling)     100-500ml (customized)
Filling nozzle 2-nozzle filling    4-nozzle filling (can be 6/8-nozzle )
Filling principle  servo piston filling (can be rotor pump filling, weight filling, based on specific products)
Capping option  cap-feeding-pressing (can be cap-screwing if needed)
sealing option  reel film sealing (or precut film sealing based on needs)
Capacity 500-1000BPH      2000-4000BPH     
Filling error less than ±1%
Voltage 220V/380V 50/60HZ 3.5KW 220V/380V 50/60HZ 5.5KW
Air pressure 0.4-0.7Mpa


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